Qualified and experienced midwives are
here to help you.

The Bump to Baby phone service is staffed by qualified and experienced midwives who are familiar with all types of maternal and neo natal care options.

Confidential care

The confidential nature of Bump to Baby’s one-to-one support service means you are free to talk about issues that you may not feel comfortable talking about face to face.

Additional resources

As well as our confidential phone support service, we can also to put you in touch with health care providers in your area for additional services such as physiotherapy.

Australia wide service

Bump to Baby support is available nationally. It gives you easy, convenient access to a midwife without having to leave your own home.
Now you can simply pick up the phone and speak with someone who understands you, your baby and your healthcare wishes.

Getting help is easy. Call us today on 1300 793 893 for more information.